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Titolare: David Avino

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  • Spazio
  • Componenti e sistemi elettronici
  • Lavorazione meccanica
  • software

Presentazione azienda

Argotec is an Italian aerospace engineering company whose activities are focused on two main directions. The first one concerns the development of micro-satellites able to work in deep-space; in this area, the research and development activities are strongly oriented to design compact, reliable and technological solutions including using Artificial Intelligence for autonomous operations. The second one includes the development of technological solutions in order to improve and to support the life and the comfort of future space explorers. Argotec is a UNI EN 9100:2018 and UNI ISO EN 9001:2015 certified company in compliance with the ECSS and the NASA standards framework. Moreover, the company has the experience, the tools as well as the laboratories needed to perform all of its in-house activities required for the design, integration and testing of the space systems (e.g. a Clean Room that guarantees cleanliness standards at an ISO 5 level, a Thermal Vacuum chamber, etc). Since the beginning, Argotec has always collaborated with the main international space agencies and has promoted the development of innovative technologies which has involved universities, research centers and other companies with skills and different backgrounds. This has resulted in partnerships with various industries other than the Aerospace industry who have enabled it to achieve innovative systems and to obtain several patents.

Principali prodotti o servizi

Argotec has the internal expertise to develop micro-satellite platforms from the concept to the design, assembly, integration, testing and in-orbit operations. The Argotec platforms are designed to operate in Deep Space for Exploration Missions and as part of the Telecom constellations: they are equipped with highly-reliable and rad-hard electronic components while they guarantee large room for payload allocation and an integrated propulsion system. Argotec is also working on Artificial Intelligence to increase the capabilities of the platform during on-orbit autonomous navigation. The company designs and tests capable space electronic systems. It operates at every level of the development process; its heritage spreads throughout its LEO applications aboard the ISS to its systems designed for deep-space. Usually both hardware and software are designed internally by our team aiming for an optimal implementation. Moreover, the company supports and develops the evolution of payloads for space. Argotec deals with the following HW and SW payload activities including: design, development, assembly, integration, testing, on-orbit operations, logistic and safety support. The company also offers custom solutions based on a passive thermal exchange for thermal management both for ground and space applications. Argotec’s strength in the field of two-phase heat transfer devices includes the design, development and qualification of heat pipes, loop heat pipes, and pulsating heat pipes.

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Immersive experience: Sviluppare competenze specifiche nell'ambito delle tecnologie abilitanti il supporto delle missioni esplorative oltre LEO (per aumentare l'efficienze dell'equipaggio e ridurre il supporto dal centro di terra)