Via Secondo Caselle, 10 - 10023 CHIERI (TO)

Cariche sociali e/o rappresentative

Presidente: Ettore Gandini
Amministratore delegato: Luca Gandini
Responsabile commerciale: Diana Giorgini

Settore di specializzazione

  • Aeronautica
  • Spazio
  • Propulsione per aeromobili
  • trattamenti termici
  • Ambito manifattura additiva

Presentazione azienda

Since 1978, ATLA is a Centre of Excellence supporting all major OEMs in the full repair and manufacturing activities of aircraft engines and high-tech gas turbines for Aerospace, Defense and Industrial applications. Today, ATLA continues to invest in advanced capabilities and technologies to meet Customers demand and expectations, working as a one-stop shop for international key players looking for a reliable partner focused on the Aerospace metrics: on time, on quality, on cost. ATLA adopts and continuously improves its Integrated Management System for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, Energy, Information Security and Privacy, in accordance with the major ISO standards. The company is also certified for the Aerospace requirements EN 9100 and EN 9110 and accredited Nadcap for all the strategical special processes. ATLA complies also with the United States ITAR regulation (International Traffic in Arms Regulation) in the framework of an integrated Export system, according to the European Institute for Export Compliance (EIFEC).

Principali prodotti o servizi

ATLA’s growth is driven by the best quality and high technology of Special Processes. With experience in more than 700.000 full finished new and repaired blades, vanes and hot gas path parts, ATLA is responsible for the complete work cycle of processes related to an integrated supply chain: coatings, heat treatments, complex welding and laser repairs, EDM, non-destructive and destructive tests. The Management works to satisfy capacity expectations, investing in new developments and working together with leading partners for various R&D projects. For example, ATLA is actively involved in international networks for advanced technological projects, such as the European Technology Development Clusters (E-TDCs), the innovative European collaboration model between Avio Aero, European affiliates of GE Aviation, R&D centres, Universities and SMEs cooperating on common sustainable innovation projects. As the first independent company involved in the E-TDCs, ATLA contributes with its know-how to the improvement of topics such as Innovative Repair, Advanced Manufacturing, Materials and Processes and Additive Manufacturing. ATLA is also registered in the ESA-STAR System for Tendering and Registration, ready to grow in the Space sector.

Traiettorie di interesse

Traiettorie settore aeronautico

Riduzione costi - Sviluppo, sperimentazione ed applicazione di tecniche AM

Traiettorie settore spazio

Tecnologie per sistemi di trasporto spaziale, lancio e rientro, missioni IOD/IOV, esplorazione umana e robotica