Via Albenga, 98 - Rivoli (TO)

Cariche sociali e/o rappresentative

Presidente: Lihang WANG
Amministratore delegato: Moh'd EID
Responsabile tecnico: Matteo GORLANI
Responsabile commerciale: Mario ZANGHERATTI
Altro: Responsabile amministrativo: Guido DI CARLO

Settore di specializzazione

  • Aeronautica
  • Spazio
  • Attivita di ricerca e sviluppo
  • Piattaforme
  • Progettazione

Presentazione azienda

BLUE Engineering & Design, founded in 1993, provides specific services in different fields of excellence, such as aerospace, automotive and railway. The strong multi-sectoral know-how and the unique specialization in numerical analysis let us to stand out on the market and to support the client at the best quality level, during all the development stages: style, design, engineering, virtual prototyping, testing and validation. Main aerospace sectors AIRCRAFT - HELICOPTER – SPACE STATION – SATELLITE - LAUNCHERS Main activities STILING DEVELOPMENT DESIGN & ENGINEERING DEVELOPMENT NUMERICAL VIRTUAL VALIDATION SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT QUALITY ASSISTANCE TEST BENCHES DEVELOPMENT MANUFACTURING & LOGISTICS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

Principali prodotti o servizi

STILING DEVELOPMENT Styling concept development DESIGN: Primary and secondary structures design Aeroengine and turbo design UAS design and development Parts, Ass’y and Installation Drawing VIRTUAL ANALYSIS: Structure • Static simulation: Stress – Thermal – Rivet, Lug, Clamp analysis • Dynamics simulation: Fatigue - Damage - Panel separation – Shimmy analysis • NVH: Modal analysis – Frequency response • Crash simulation: Ditching impact – Bird impact analysis Aerothermal • Hypersonic aerodynamics: Aerodynamic performance for hypersonic vehicles -TPS design • Propulsion: Hybrid rocket -Turbo machinery and system • ECS system: HVAC sizing – duct design & thermal comfort – Thermal insulation • Flight dynamics: Aerodynamic database – Flight dynamics simulation • Unsteady aerodynamics: Stability and damping derivative • Hovering and rotor dynamics: Rotorcraft aerodynamic- Ground effect simulation Thermal Control: Modelling – Steady state and transient analysis Stochastic sensitivity optimization and model correlation: Montecarlo stochastic analysis – Latin hypercube SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT Architectural design and development Testing: Validation planning – Unit, interface, system testing Documentation: User manual QUALITY RAMS development TEST BENCHES Design and engineering development Construction & commissioning MANUFACTURING & LOGISTICS INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Solutions for management and control of production and logistic process among all product

Traiettorie di interesse

Traiettorie settore aeronautico

Architetture propulsive ibride/elettriche - Tecnologie abilitanti More Electric Aircraft - Acquisire strumenti, processi e test facilities - Sviluppo architetture e componenti per i prodotti di interesse nazionale

Traiettorie settore spazio

Tecnologie per sistemi di trasporto spaziale, lancio e rientro, missioni IOD/IOV, esplorazione umana e robotica