Strada Torino, 25 - 10043 Orbassano (TO)

Cariche sociali e/o rappresentative

Presidente: Silvio Corrias
Amministratore delegato: Silvio Corrias
Titolare: Gruppo Interpump
Direttore generale: Dario Piola
Responsabile tecnico: Luca Montacchini
Responsabile commerciale: Claudio Chiolero
Altro: Cinzia Mantovani

Settore di specializzazione

  • Aeronautica
  • condotti flessibili metallici e in composito per convogliamento fluidi

Presentazione azienda

Established in 1951 as a family-run business, Tubiflex belongs to the Interpump Group and is specialized in providing fluid conveying solutions based on flexible stainless-steel hoses, expansion joints and bellows. Located in Orbassano (Torino) on a 20.000 sq. m facility area, Tubiflex employ a staff of 150 professionals. With a turnover of about € 24 million, Tubiflex supplies more than 600 customers with an export share exceeding 50%. Tubiflex developed over the years a deep knowledge in the design of assemblies, expansion joint and bellows for custom specific applications. Tubiflex started supplying the aeronautic market since the 1985. We provide, as far as the aeronautic business is concerned, design and manufacturing of stainless steel flexible hoses devoted to high demanding applications within fluid conveying into helicopters, rockets, and turbine. Tubiflex relies on its own production of a wide portfolio of hoses in stainless steel and ptfe materials, allowing to make always the best choice of the most proper hose for each specific application. Hoses are provided in special waveforms, double-walled, double-conduit and produced and braided in exotic stainless steels for aggressive applications in respect of thermal and corrosion requirements. Tubiflex is a 9100 certified Company with proven excellent quality record. Our outperforming system is proved by our Customers audits. The large number of projects developed throughout the years together with Tubiflex ow

Principali prodotti o servizi

You can find our products in the following subsystems: • Air conditioning and cooling systems, Bleed air ducts, Cabin ventilation systems • High temperature air bleed for ECS systems • Hydraulic and drain line for engine bay • Pressure and temperature sensors protections • Fuel tank duct, inlet and breathing system • Aircraft pneumatic ducting systems

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