Via Torino, 315 - Brandizzo (TO)

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Presidente: Silvio Ellena
Amministratore delegato: Emanuela Ellena
Direttore generale: Ruggero Gandolfi
Responsabile tecnico: Marco Ormea
Responsabile commerciale: Paolo Torasso

Settore di specializzazione

  • Aeronautica
  • Spazio
  • Ambito manifattura additiva
  • Lavorazione meccanica
  • Ambito manifattura additiva

Presentazione azienda

Ellena spa is an Italian family-owned company that has been operating in the precision mechanical machining sector for more than 75 years. Ellena's commitment has always been to provide not only a product but a service which is an expression of our passion for work and care for all stakeholders. Ellena operates in the most demanding sectors: from oil & gas to aerospace, from mechatronics to industrial vehicles, from energy to graphic and food machines; this has allowed to build relevant technological know-how with which Ellena fulfills the high-quality standards required in national and international production scenarios. Ellena relies on a state-of-the-art machine tools park, which is constantly being renewed, ensuring high quality and precision machining. The assembly department is equipped with an ISO 7 clean room for special assemblies, an ultrasonic washing and automatic test benches for hydraulic components up to 2.000 bar. Since 2018, with the birth of the start up SPEM, tradition and innovation merges in a synergy focused on products obtained through additive manufacturing and mechanical processing; Ellena Spa is the ideal partner to leverage the technical advantages deriving from these combined technologies.

Principali prodotti o servizi

Ellena can assist its customers from early design phases, ensuring technical support in its core technologies. To achieve all the advantages deriving from this technology, it is crucial to deploy the experience built in additive manufacturing during design conception. Ellena is then able to supply prototypes and pre-series: its UNI EN 9100 quality system ensures aerospace quality standards are ensured in all manufacturing steps, including raw material sourcing and special processes. With its structured organization, Ellena can then support customers during programs executions, focusing on quality and on time delivery of its turnkey mechanical components or assemblies. Typical components supplied are gearbox housings and covers, pump housings, hydraulic blocks, shafts, rings, manifolds. Standard base materials range covers aluminum alloys, titanium grades, stainless steel grades, nickel-based alloys and cobalt-chrome alloys. Raw materials that can be manufactured with in house additive manufacturing capabilities are nickel-based alloys, aluminum alloys and stainless steel. Intricated manufacturing cycles, complex machining, critical special processes, designed for additive components, skillful assembling: this is where Ellena can make the difference for its customers.

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